Thursday, July 1, 2010


Chattisagarh: After a span of sixty days a repeat of sorts was evidenced in Narayanpur district of Chattisgarh and twenty seven CRPF jawans were eliminated in the fresh phase of red hunt in the naxalite terrain.
Maoists have successfully eliminated the road opening party just one forlong from the police outpost and the lightening raid that followed has claimed the lives of 26 jawans operating in the Narayanpur police limits.

The Raid came to the fore in the afternoon on Tuesday when the seventy member strong contingent of CRPF wasstopped with firing near the Dowarah village.
Six members of the District police forces were the first of the troop to succumb to firing, while the twenty odd casualities were followed suit in the subsequent firings. twenty six more sustained greivous injuries in the firing and they were all admitted in Jagdalpur hospital.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


It is not an encounter as projected by the district police force of Danthewada but the inner party circles term it a lightening raid on the Police group which was visiting a liquor shop in Gollapalli village of Danthawada district. Police team comprising of 150 members went to Gollapalli Liquor shop in the eveining on Tuesday when the Maoists comprising Bhum Kal militia and the Dalam raided the shop and killed four Jawans.

The police forces in danthwada who were on the green hunt operation were on the receiving end since the Chinthalnar incident and time and again they tried to concoct stories on the Maoists by enacting raids and attacks a la naxalites.

Subsequent to Chinthalnar attack the police have made mockery of the naxalites by indulging in a mock attack on Chinthaguppa , Jegurugonda and Polampalli police outposts in order to attract the attention of the public. But the incident of Sukuma followed suit and that attack too has claimed the Koya Commanders' lives.

It followed a phase of peace and on Tuesday the police forces again tried to create a story of Naxalite attack in the name of encounter. The Maoists led by ravula Srinivas alias Ramanna raided the Liquor shop and when they were attacking the shop police were inside there to drink liquor. This fact has certainly created some sort of flutter.